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  • Hayfever Season: Tips and Treatments for Relief

    As the sun climbs higher in the sky and flowers burst into bloom, it's a sure sign that hayfever season is upon us! Hayfever, a relatively mild allergic reaction triggered by pollen and spores in the air, typically affects sufferers from late February to September. Pollen counts peak in June and...
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  • Supporting Autism NI

    At MediCare Pharmacy Group, community involvement and support have always been at the heart of our mission. We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the incredible generosity of our loyal customers and the dedication of our team, we raised an outstanding £2037.61 for Autism NI through our in-s...
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  • Managing Director Michael Guerin awarded Fellowship

    Managing Director of MediCare Pharmacy Group, Michael Guerin, was awarded Fellowship of Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland after 37 years of service to the profession at an award ceremony and reception hosted by the leadership body Pharmacy Forum NI at Belfast City Hall on Thursday 8th F...
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  • Ask Your Pharmacist Week - Meet Your Local MediCare Team

    Ask Your Pharmacist Week, 30th October to 6th November 2023, is an annual national awareness campaign organised by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). The campaign aims to raise awareness of the NHS services and skilled staff available in local pharmacies, and to encourage people to visit t...
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  • National Eczema Week: How your local MediCare pharmacy can help you

    Did you know that eczema affects 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults in the UK? Eczema is more than just an itch, it can cause dry, itchy, red and inflamed skin that can be very uncomfortable and distressing. Eczema can also affect your mental health, self-esteem and quality of life. National Ecz...
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  • MediCare Pharmacy Group wish Anne a long and happy retirement!

    We would like to pay tribute to a long standing, dedicated member of our Pharmacy Team, Anne McWhirter who is retiring from MediCare Ahoghill Pharmacy after many years of dedication and commitment within our pharmacy team. Anne McWhirter has worked as a qualified pharmacy technician in MediCare A...
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