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#SaveOurPharmacies - Day of Action

MediCare Pharmacy Group participated in the One Day to ‘Lights Out’ campaign throughout Northern Ireland on Thursday, 20th June 2024, to highlight the emergency facing the community pharmacy sector and unstable NHS funding.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) reported that pharmacies are experiencing extremely uncertain times, severe financial problems, and immense pressure. Over the last decade, more than 1,400 pharmacies have closed across the UK. In Northern Ireland alone, 15 pharmacies have shut down in the past 12 months. The crisis in medicine shortages means that pharmacy teams often spend hours trying to secure patients’ medications.

Paul Rees, Chief Executive of the NPA, said: “Community pharmacies across the UK are in crisis, and this is a national emergency. Our 6,000 member pharmacies and many others are saying ‘enough is enough’. Community pharmacies provide essential frontline health services, but they are being driven to the brink. That’s why we’re supporting this day of action and calling on the government to take action to protect our pharmacies.”

At MediCare, we turned off the lights in the morning, and our staff wore black to symbolise permanent closure and the need to protect local services. Patients were invited to sign a petition in our pharmacies and highlight their concerns on social media using #SaveOurPharmacies to address the growing crisis, calling on the government and NHS officials to support and sustain pharmacies.

A big thank you to the local politicians and pharmacy representatives who came to support this vital campaign. Claire Hanna (SDLP MP) and Anne McAlister (NPA Representative NI) visited MediCare Osborne Pharmacy on Lisburn Road, and John Stewart (UUP MLA) visited MediCare Victoria Pharmacy in Carrickfergus.



Pictured (Left): Claire Hanna, MP, discussed the current uncertain times and severe financial problems impacting community pharmacy funding during the one-day ‘Lights Out’ campaign with Michael Guerin, Managing Director of MediCare Pharmacy, and Anne McAlister, NPA Representative NI.

Pictured (Right): Claire expressed her support to the pharmacy team during their one day of ‘Lights Out’ actions to highlight the current risk to local Community Pharmacy services.