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MediCare Pharmacy Group wish Anne a long and happy retirement!

We would like to pay tribute to a long standing, dedicated member of our Pharmacy Team, Anne McWhirter who is retiring from MediCare Ahoghill Pharmacy after many years of dedication and commitment within our pharmacy team.

Anne McWhirter has worked as a qualified pharmacy technician in MediCare Ahoghill Pharmacy for 49 years and is a well-known figure in the local community. 

With 49 years’ experience in the same pharmacy, Anne has gained a remarkable wealth of experience. There is little that Anne hasn't seen, and she fondly remembers the days of preparing ointments and writing dispensing labels by hand.

Anne is pictured third (left to right) with Managing Director Michael Guerin and her Ahoghill store colleagues, Samantha McKay, Janet McMaster, Lynda Kernohan, and Roseanna Lewis (foundation trainee).

Anne will be sorely missed by the staff and customers of Medicare Pharmacy Ahoghill and will always be part of the Ahoghill pharmacy family.

We all wish Anne the very best for her well-deserved retirement and thank her for her loyalty and dedication while working for MediCare Pharmacy.